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Cover art laser puzzle - logic gameviktor bohushpuzzlerated for 3+906contains adsoffers in-app purchasesyou don't have any devices.add to wishlist screenshot imagescreenshot imagescreenshot imagescreenshot imagethe goal of this puzzle game is to set up mirrors so all lights bulbs become turned on. you have for this different types of mirrored surfaces which reflect laser beams in different ways.laser puzzle features:• 300+ levels of varying complexity.• square and hexagon game fields.• various mirrors for controlling the laser beam.• beautiful and simple ui.• intuitive gameplay.• dark / light theme.• hint system.• no time limit.this logic puzzle promote your problem-solving skills, which helps keep your mind sharp as you think about how to set up mirrors to light up all light bulbs.move mirrors, reflect the laser, light up all lamps!

In this logic puzzle game, place mirrors to direct the lasers to the proper exit!guess the orientation of the mirrors with logic only. no random moves.can you solve the 1100 levels of increasing difficulty?features:+ 1100 levels for beginners and experts+ free unlimited use of hints when you are stuck+ collect a star in each level

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